In 1996, hazardous waste management in Greece was still at a completely preliminary stage. It was then that Nikos Klissiotis and Manthos Diamantidis founded SUC HELLAS, transferring know-how from the affiliated German company to provide waste management solutions for the Greek industry.

Gradually, the company acquired the necessary licenses and the qualified staff in order to handle a wide range of hazardous waste and to become one of the first Greek companies to export waste.

At the beginning of 2000 the company became independent of Germany while maintaining cooperation with new facilities in various EU countries for the final disposal of waste.

In 2008 the company was renamed to SUK and two years later it proceeded with the acquisition of the Greek branch of multinational Safetykleen Europe, obtaining new facilities in Aspropyrgos.

From 2013 onwards, it proceeded to the licensing of the facilities of Aspropyrgos as a transfer station of hazardous waste.

Today, SUK is a fully licensed company in waste management, asbestos removal, and in various other environmental sectors, with many years of experience, appropriate scientific staff and strategic alliances.SUK provides solutions to every environmental issue.

Vision and Mission

At SUK, we always aim to provide excellent services and build and maintain a long-term trustful relationship with our partners

Our vision is always to offer effective and reliable solutions to every waste management issue

Our mission is to provide continuous high quality services and to engage to environmental upgrade of our country.

Our Team

Our team consists of specialized talented chemists, engineers environmentalists and experienced technical staff, who all together share the same vision and passion to be the best for our clients.

Panagiotis Angelakopoulos – Management, Sales Department
Dimitra Kefala – Head of Asbestos Projects / Tenders
Spyros Papagiannis – Sales Department
Sevi Saxioni – Department of Licensing & Logistics
Panagiota Tsakou – Head of Financial Services
Giannis Paroussos – Head of Aspropyrgos Unit
Giannis Verykios – Asbestos Department
Eleni Liappi – Secretariat
Eleni Karpouzi – Accounting

Milestone Dates

• 1996 Establishment of the company by Manthos Diamantidis, Antonis Klissiotis, Nikos Klissiotis
• 1998 Installation and Operation of a Physicochemical Waste Treatment Mobile System (PWTMS) at PPC/SPS (Steam Power Station) ALIVERI
• 2002 Signing the Contract for the 1st Asbestos Project in Greece – Management of 500 tons of friable asbestos from HILTON Hotel Athens
• 2003 Decontamination and Management of CLOPHEN from the MINISTRY OF FINANCE
• 2004 Chemical cleaning of 3 tanks from oil residues in the factory of AGET IRAKLIS
• 2008 Introduction of wastewater evaporation technology from the German company LOFT
• 2009 Management of 4,400 tons of asbestos by PPC/SPS MEGALOPOLIS

• 2010 Acquisition of SAFETYKLEEN HELLAS licensed waste facility
• 2011 Licensing of the company as asbestos RDC (Removal and Demolition Company) by the Ministry of Labour
• 2012 Innovative application of waste evaporation technology in two of the largest Greek pharmaceutical companies
• 2014 Licensing of the facility for temporary storage of hazardous waste
• 2015 Licensing and cross-border transportation of incinerator waste in Ano Liossia
• 2017 Study for the licensing of hazardous waste treatment

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