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The purpose of this section is to characterize risks and environmental impacts as well as the choice of the optimal method for recovery of hazardous waste contaminated soils. Through sampling and testing of soil, subsoil, air and groundwater from a certified laboratory, the extent of the problem is assessed, followed by the evaluation of the results with recommendations for further action. The purpose of evaluating the results of the chemical laboratory analyses is to assess the extent of the environmental damage that has already occurred in the past and also to categorize the soils that will result from any excavation (at the study area) in categories of non-hazardous waste or even reusable as raw material and/or suitable for construction. Also it is to be assessed whether the reuse of groundwater is possible.

The final design and selection of the appropriate remediation method performed by experienced engineers in our company, and has already successfully been applied to projects such as:

• Remediation of the asbestos deposits of the land of the former industrial facilities of ELLENIT in New Lampsacos of Evia.
• Remediation of the site of the deposition area at the ASBESTOS MINES of NORTHERN GREECE (MAVE)
• Study of Sanitation - Remediation of the premises of the former factory in AMIANTIT at Depanon, Patras.


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