Chemical Cleaning of boilers and industrial facilities

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The company ‘SUK’ provides services such as: chemical cleaning of industrial plants, boiler chemical cleaning, chemical cleaning of boilers at Power Plants, pipelines, turbine lubrication systems etc. (Scrubbing and chemical cleaning projects in industrial facilities, chemical cleaning in boilers, power plant boilers, pipelines, turbine lubrication systems, etc.)

The department of SUK “Chemical cleaning of industrial facilities” surrounded by staff with experience and know-how in the field of chemical cleaning projects resulting from the projects and studies performed and successfully carried out.
This department focuses on industrial units running specialist chemical cleaning projects on boilers, piping, turbine lubrication systems etc., while simultaneously treating the output of the cleaning.

The stages of chemical cleaning of industrial installations are briefly analyzed below:

  • Sampling of the piping and laboratory processing of the samples
  • Sampling results evaluation and work plan preparation
  • Planning and study of the temporary pipe circuit and digital simulation of the flowchart
  • Acid treatment to remove deposits on the inner surfaces of pipes
  • Making the surfaces inert
  • Piping blow-out
  • Pipe sampling, sampling results examination and issuing of cleaning protocol
  • Treatment of the waste produced from the process of chemical cleaning
  • Final disposal of waste
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