Steps for Remediation / Restoration of polluted soil / water

• Discovery and Identification of the Source of Pollution
• Removal of the source of pollution
• Identification of  the characteristics of the aquifer
• Impact Assessment
• Modeling – Simulation
• Restoration – Remediation

Main methods of remediation

• Natural attenuation of the pollution
• Pillar processing
• On-site treatment (In situ)
Application of electromagnetic waves
Soil excavation
Soil washing
Compressed air application
Chemical treatment
Soil thermal treatment
Biological decontamination methods

For the remediation of the unsaturated land zones, the following techniques are applied:

• Method of soil stabilization (soil stabilization, solidification)
• Hydraulic reversing methods of groundwater (aquifer)
• Boxing methods (Bulkheads)

To limit the expansion of the pollution the following methods can be used:

• Natural attenuation of pollution
• “Plant healing”
• Removal of heavy metals by applying electric current
• Pumping out floating pollutants
• Bioremediation
• Permeable reactive barriers (PRBs)
• Air sparging
• Air Stripping
• Extraction and decontamination of soluble contaminants  (pump and treat)

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