Research and Development at SUK

Research and development on issues such as: New methods of treatment and management of liquid and solid waste, original ways of producing energy using renewable energy, new technologies that help reduce environmental pollution, etc. are some of the major activities of the company SUK.

Research and Development is one of the most important activities of the company SUK, as it aims to continually update its services, to monitor technological developments and to provide innovative and pioneering solutions to its customers.

The research and development results from a variety of activities related to the environment, focusing on:

  • Introduction of new technologies that help reduce pollution of the environment and financially viable choices for the Greek market.
  • New methods of treatment and management of liquid and solid waste.
  • Creative ways of generating energy using renewable energy sources.
  • Promotion of innovative services that contribute to the overall recycling and recovery.

We investing in Research and Development by:

  • Cooperating with foreign firms and continually participating in international educational programms. SUC GmbH, ENVIROCMEMIE GmbH, LOFT GmbH
  • Active participation in- and attendance to international exhibitions which focus on environmental protection.
  • Subscriptions to international organizations and exchange of information on a systematic and permanent transfer of know-how to SUK.

In addition, SUK continually provides services of specialized expertise to customers and maintains a high level of efficiency in the management of hazardous waste, is in line with the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2000.
At the same time, an Environmental Management System is developed which complies with the requirements of EN ISO 14001:2004.

Special attention is given to safety and occupational health of all involved parties and has developed a system that complies with the requirements of standard ELOT 1801.

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