In the context of the implementation of Greek and European legislation on the obligations and responsibilities of employers/ owners/ landlords/ owners and other interested parties, real estate built before 2005, we inform you that our company can perform:

  • Technical inspections for the presence of asbestos-containing materials in buildings (inspector certificate according to Title II of ISCA, 40 CFR Part 763)
  • Dismantling of structural elements containing asbestos (Ministry of Labor, Social Insurance and Welfare type A EAK license, ΑΔΑ ΒΙΨΟΛ-3Ξ1)
  • Permanent dismantling and disposal of asbestos waste [permit for collection and transport of hazardous waste, YPEKA (Ministry of the Environment and Energy), ΑΔΑ ΒΛ9Δ0-Ε9Σ]

Some of the main services we provide:

  1. Visual inspection of buildings by a qualified engineer
  2. Sampling, where required
  3. Laboratory analysis of samples from an EN ISO 17025 certified laboratory
  4. Quantitative and qualitative determination of asbestos
  5. Recording the areas containing asbestos
  6. Description of the technique and procedures for the safe removal of asbestos
  7. Determination of costs for the removal of asbestos-containing materials
  8. Execution of dismantling or removal works – asbestos or asbestos materials, demolition of buildings containing asbestos or asbestos materials and in general any work related to asbestos or asbestos materials
  9. Identification, sorting, collection, packaging, cross-border, and non-cross-border transport, intermediate (temporary) storage of asbestos-containing materials, final disposal to legal recipients of the EU.

Relevant legislation:

1. M.D. 34062/957 / Ε103 / 2015 G.G. (1793 / Β / 20.08.2015) – Approval of the Transitional National Emission Reduction Plan (TNERP), according to article 28 of the joint ministerial decision no. 36060/1155/2013 “Defining a rules, measures and procedures framework for the integrated prevention and control of environmental pollution from industrial activities, in compliance with the provisions of Directive 2010/75/EU “on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control)” of the European Parliament and the Council of 24 November 2010 “.

2. Law 3850/2010 – Ratifying the Code of Laws for the Occupational Safety and Health of employees.

3. P.D. 4409/2016 – Framework for safety in offshore hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation works, incorporation of Directive 2013/30 / EU, amendment of P.D. 148/2009 – Environmental liability for the prevention and remediation of damage to the environment – Harmonization with Directive 2004/35 / EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 21 April 2004 and other provisions.

4. P.D. 212/2006 – Protection of workers exposed to asbestos at work, in compliance with Council Directive 83/477/EEC, as amended by Council Directive 91/382/EEC and Directive 2003/18/EC of the European Parliament and the Council.

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