Sampling plan of the polluted sites will be implemented and the analysis of samples enables the preparation of a pollution assessment study, classifying the risks (depicting the entire field (soil – subsoil) in contour lines map (isopleths) and proposing remedial actions.

In detail, the following services are included:

  • The protocols of analysis along with the results, the identification of waste as hazardous or non-hazardous, as well as the evaluation of any potential pollution risk of the subsoil (study data)
  • Topographic diagram – grid in HGRS87 coordinates, depicting the areas, the hazardous substances and the level of contamination. (isopleth)
  • Proposal for the possible restoration methods of the contaminated field, combined with the estimated cost of each applicable method.
  • Carrying out sampling / analysis.
  • Classification and labeling of collected waste piles.
  • Calculation of quantity and specific weight of waste.
  • Collection and Transport and final disposal of hazardous and non-waste.
  • Measures and applying methods of occupational safety
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