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Split-O-Mat® SOM is a multifunctional batch treatment plant, designed for the automatic treatment of industrial waste water. The plant can be operated either with splitting agent Envifloc® with neutralization step (option) or with liquid chemicals available on the Greek market. The produced sludge is dewatered through a band filter unit with an optional sludge / filter fabric separator, whereby in the first phase the clear water will be filtered.
Split-O-Mat ® is ideal for the treatment of waste water from the metallurgical industry, paint production industry, varnish production industry, chemical industries as well as for specialized treatment cases.


• Compact, pre-mounted installation  
• High-value product comprising high-quality components
• Use of common waste water treatment chemicals at lowest running costs
• Automatic operation
• Easy to use and to maintain
• Multifunctional use for very different kinds of waste water

The control system of the plant is based on a simple programmable system with an up-to-date LED screen. The control and plant layout comprises various options which enable a specific adjustment of the base model according to the customized applications and conditions. The switch board is designed for easy handling, control and monitoring of the installation.
As an option, it is possible to remotely control the installation via a telephone line.
Split-O-Mat    -      SPECIFICATIONS

Capacity                 0,5 - 5 m³/day (depending on the degree of contamination)
                              (For SOM 1500)

Operation principle  Batch treatment 500 l, fully automatic
                              (For SOM 1500)

Chemicals                Liquid or solid chemicals and coagulant aids / splitting 
                               agents according to the waste characteristics

Dimensions              220 x 97 x 175 cm (lxwxh)
                               (For SOM 1500)

Space requirements  approx. 6 - 8 m2; Room height min. 2,0 m
                               (For SOM 1500)

Dosing units              Basic:  splitting agent
                                Options: acid, lye and additive 

Dosing units              Liquid chemicals: Precipitation chemical, lye and 
                                coagulant aid

Option:                      Equipment for 1 supplementary chemical


SUK has participated in the 4th International Exhibition "ECOTEC 2011 Environmental Technologies and Photovoltaic Systems".

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