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Hazard sources in this line of work can be:

• The dismantling of asbestos cement is likely to release asbestos fibers which might cause health damages.
• The waste should be managed in accordance with the existing legislation on asbestos.

Potential health damages from asbestos dismantling operations
Health hazards from asbestos are:

• Asbestosis
• Bronchogenic carcinoma
• Pleura and peritoneum malignant mesothelioma
• Asbestos oxides on the skin
• The above risks are due to inhalation of asbestos fibers (except case 4). Asbestos is a material that generates dust, which unfortunately is very dangerous to those who inhale it.
• The risk of swallowing asbestos fibers can be prevented by avoiding smoking and eating during work breaks. Workers should remove PPE, wash thoroughly and then go on a break.

Project Execution

1. Preparation, submission and approval of project plan by the competent Prefecture.
2. Dismantling of asbestos roofing by our company’s specially trained teams according to the current Greek and European legislation
3. Decontamination of sites by conducting final fiber-in-the-air measurements, which show that the concentration of asbestos fibers in the surrounding air is below the limit according to legislation and that the area is clear of asbestos.
4. Issuing of a cleanliness certificate of the site by a certified organization, which proves the total lack in asbestos fibers on site, and the safe management of asbestos components after completion of dismantling operations
5. Issuing of identification form from the Ministry of the Environment
6. Labeling and packaging of dismantled asbestos cement
7. The loading and cross-border transportation of packaged asbestos cement using special ADR vehicles
8. The final disposal at a licensed site abroad
9. Issuing of the Certificate of Final Disposal


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