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The company 'SUK' - Waste Management Ltd. - provides services such as: Design and construction of units - wastewater treatment and sludge (wastewater treatment and sludge projects of SUK).

The department of SUK "design and construction of wastewater treatment units and sludge" consists of scientific staff, which has exclusive preoccupation with physical and chemical processes and electromechanical projects. Depending on the requirements of each wastewater treatment project (inorganic and organic waste) shall take on the:

• Design, preliminary study design and study implementation
• Supply and installation of the unit
• Boot (start up) and running
• Maintenance of the unit on a permanent basis (after sales support)

Thus ensuring long-term partnerships with customers who manage the waste produced in their facilities. On the other hand, there are small industrial units which cannot lawfully and permanently solve the problem of waste they produce as the cost of having fixed waste treatment units manufactured can be very high. For this reason, SUK has manufactured a mobile physico-chemical waste treatment unit for the specific needs of its customers. The mobile physico-chemical waste treatment unit consists of modern equipment and has the ability to handle liquid inorganic waste. More specifically, it will handle the waste as follows:

• Neutralize acid and alkali waste and adjust the pH value
• Remove heavy metals and fluoride anions (precipitation and sedimentation)
• Run redox reactions

In addition, once the treatment of wastewater and the subsequent production of the sludge is completed, SUK is able to manage the sludge, from the collection - packaging to the final disposal at licensed and competent facilities abroad.


SUK hat an der 4. internationalen Messe

"ECOTEC 2011

Umwelt-Technologien & Photovoltaik-Systemen"


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