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The Greek-German Company for Waste Management & Environmental Applications SOUK HELLAS Ltd., SUK, having long experience in providing services for the protection of the environment and the implementation of environmental projects, provides comprehensive proposals and solutions, and advanced technology services in waste management issues, while promoting selected high-quality products based on modern concepts of addressing environmental problems.

Asbestos - asbestos removal, asbestos demolition and asbestos waste management, ELENIT
By skilled staff with extensive experience in complex projects - friable asbestos, asbestos measurements, control of asbestos, asbestos detection, roofs of ELENIT.
Toxic waste
Collection, packaging, removal and disposal of hazardous waste in accordance with JMD 13588.
Waste treatment, waste evaporation
Wastewater treatment plants with sophisticated evaporation units, chemical treatment and drying of waste for a wide range of Greek industrial activity.
Collection, removal and disposal of hazardous waste
By sea or road at licensed disposal facilities in Greece or abroad. Issued acknowledgment and confirmation of waste disposal in accordance with JMD 13588.
Waste from garages
Management of waste srom garages, car washes and bodyshops.
Wastewater evaporators - solvent stills
Waste treatment facility in the producer of specialized personnel SUK.
Environmental crisis management
To address complex environmental problems of industry and emergencies.
Chemical cleaning industrial facilities
Specialized cleaning of large boilers, refinery piping and tanks.
CLOPHEN management
Removal and replacement of electrical machinery and appliances conatining PCB's (transformers, capacitors etc.).
Management of oil residues
Venting and disposal semisolid and thick oil residue.
Remediation and restoration of contaminated soils - hexavalent chromium in the aquifer and solutions
Removal of contaminated land and original solutions to restore the natural landscape.
Special remediation and restoration study
Drafting, submitting and supporting specific study restructuring and rehabilitation care licensing, supervision of environmental projects, measurement, sampling and technical reports.

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SUK has participated in the 4th International Exhibition "ECOTEC 2011 Environmental Technologies and Photovoltaic Systems".

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